My Story

Hi Everyone!
I want to start off by thanking all of my friends, family, and clients for their constant support!

I want to tell you my story.

My name is Cassie, I’m 25 years old.
I’m a Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and owner of Fit Eats & Treats, local meal prep business.


I live with my boyfriend of 7 years and our two puggles. We are happy, healthy, and couldn’t ask for a better life!

2005- As a teenager I moved to Arizona, I didn’t have my normal circle of friends, and I went through some sad times. Not being super social I didn’t have to worry about parties and get togethers, so I maintained staying very small, around 110lbs at 5’3 16yrs old.  Although I was slender, I was eating horribly, never worked out, and was unhappy with the way I felt.

2008- Fast forward 3 years, I moved back home to the Midwest, back to my old stomping grounds, old friends, new habits. I was 18, living on my own, and free. Therefore, I partied and drank 24/7, I ate fast food 3x a day, and the only time I was active was at work or dancing at the “club.” I thought I was happy, I was surrounded by everyone I loved and having the time of my life. What do skinny people think they can do without consequence? Eat and drink endless amounts of calories! And so then the weight came..

2010- I realized I had gained 35lbs since living in Arizona. The partying and bad eating had caught up with me. But I was 20, happy, and living the life; you can always buy bigger clothes, right??

2011- I had stopped parting the past year, I got my life together, and was 2 years into a relationship with the man of my dreams. I was “comfortable” with him, cooked hearty home cooked meals every night, and ate like every meal was my last.
I still had no shut-off for knowing how much food was too much food, and still only got my exercise during work hours. I was beginning to hate my body. I wasn’t “fat,” but was lumpy in places I didn’t like, couldn’t wear fitted shirts, didn’t feel attractive, refused to buy any bigger of clothing.



(UPDATE!)   Can now HAPPYILY fit into these slacks!

2012- I decided enough was enough. I bought a gym membership and some workout gear, I was going to “get back into shape.”

I hit the gym twice a day, pinterest taught me how to lift weights, and I would jog on the treadmill 20-30min each night. I was only eating close to 800 calories a day consisting of salad, lean meat, and celery sticks. I was afraid to fail, so I went 200% with everything I had to lose the weight.
Over the winter I got way down to 105lbs. I was “happy” with the way I looked, but had zero energy. I wasn’t eating enough food to fuel my workouts, I was burning more calories than my body was using, and was depleting my energy sources. I was burnt out. I kept this up until July of 2013, maintaining 110lbs from building muscle, but eating close to nothing.

image6.jpeg image5.jpeg


August 2013- Summary- Welcome to Nursing School where you forget everything you’ve learned about being healthy and fit and instantly gained back 40 pounds! I was sedentary sitting in class 6 hours a day, studying all night, no energy or “time” to go workout. Healthy food doesn’t sound good when you’re stressed and exhausted, cookies do!

I no longer cared about my body because I was so scared of not passing nursing school that I said “chubby is cute, it can wait until I graduate.”
False- chubby was not cute, it felt horrible, and I was miserable all year trying to fit into my XS clinical scrubs that clearly needed to be a Medium.
11 months- up 40 pounds to 160.


Also doing Princess Anna appearances and not being able to fit into my costume!
(Before and now, after weight loss)


Summer 2014- I knew I had messed up, letting all my “progress” go was not the right decision, but I was more focused on school than my health, and we can’t erase time.

I started workout out, hit and miss, a week here, a week there. I had the right intentions on eating healthy, I have the knowledge, I knew what I needed to do to get where I want to be. I ate “clean” for a few weeks, then would binge like crazy on a tub of Ben & Jerrys one night. I would do so good the whole week then blow my progress all weekend with pizza, Taco Bell, and ice cream. I kept telling myself, “it’s all about balance,” but was doing nothing to balance out the unhealthy choices.

image image7

I would take progress pictures all the time, every month, telling myself I was going to hit my goals! Each month I would end up gaining weight rather than losing it. I meant well, and I was “trying,” but you can’t outwork a bad diet.

2014 fall- “New Year, New Me.”  was going to be coming soon.
This was my time. I spent everyday researching foods, diets, macros, fitness, following girls on IG for advice/tips. I continued to workout, but continued to eat the sinful evil Ben & Jerry’s. I couldn’t shake it! I didn’t understand why I had zero willpower when I was motivating ladies daily to have self control!
I started a fitness/food group on Facebook, posting daily recipes and inspirational quotes, ladies told me they were thankful for the group and that I was “inspiring and motivating them.” I was up to 175lbs. The biggest  I had ever been. How can I be inspiring to someone while I’m eating a tub of 2000 calorie ice cream every weekend!? How could 350 ladies take me seriously when I didn’t even take myself seriously.

2015- It was time for a change.

I still had the problem of yo-yo’ing in the gym, going a week, skipping a week. I needed something to motivate me to be there every single day.
I started doing an online workout, where you had to do a 30min workout 5x a week, that’s just what I needed! And somehow- it worked!
I went to the gym daily to do the 30min HIIT workout, and I was proud of myself for sticking to it. I. Kept. Going. They were fun, they were quick, and they were doing the job!


I lost 8lbs, I started feeling less “puffy” I was motivated to wake up everyday, and I was excited to burn calories. I was in the right mind-set, there was no stopping me now.

I started studying, becoming obsessed with knowledge, and wanted to be the best version of ME.
I became a Certified Personal Trainer through NFPT.

I started lifting weights 5x a week, and cardio 4x a week.
I started writing meal plans, I cooked so many foods I never even heard of, I did my homework.
I became so in love with the process.
I absolutely love to give others advice because I’ve BEEN THERE, I know the struggle.
We all need help, motivation, support, and love, and that’s what I’m here to do.
I want to teach you from my experience and earned knowledge because together we will be happier and healthier.




I FEEL 100x different. Mentally, physically, emotionally.
I am a new person, inside and out.
I am happy with my life, I’m proud of myself for sticking to something for once, and I’m seeing changes in my body that I’ve never seen before.
I will continue to do my research,  I will continue to struggle, but I WILL continue.

Join me on the road to becoming a Healthier, Happier, You!!

Online or Face-Face Personal Training options available here 

Thank you so much for reading my story, I understand it was very lengthy but it’s hard to summarize a life that has been full of ups and downs through the process!


Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram!

IG- FitEatsAndTreats


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